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    What are Facebook Ads?

    Facebook Ads are paid messages created and written by businesses or business pages to reach their customers and potential customers that are most relevant to their business online. Businesses would create specific ad campaigns with the main goal being to reach and convert customers and gain revenue. Being a business in today’s growing digital marketing world, focussing your marketing efforts online is a great way to put your products and services out there as there are literally millions of people who spend a lot of their time online every day. 

    Working with Facebook as an advertising platform

    Facebook is one such platform that has become increasingly popular among web users. Apart from being a social media platform, it is also generally classified as a source of entertainment and pleasure for many. But if you are a business, leveraging this information to market your products and services on Facebook, might just help you get a massive return you’re looking for!

    Do Facebook Ads work?

    Yes, they most definitely work. But in order for them to work effectively and efficiently, you have to make sure that you have set the right goal for your Facebook ads and that you are measuring the right values for your ads such as demographics, targeting, and so on. With the help of an expert, you can get the most out of your Facebook ads for your business.

    There are many ways to market your business online:

    Organic posting on social media, SEO, email marketing, web design, and much more. However, if you think of Facebook as a platform to advertise, you have a space where you can specifically target your audience. Otherwise your chances of reaching your customers any other way is very low.

    Working with Facebook Ads

    When we speak about Facebook ads in this context, we are actually highlighting the extremely targeted ads that this social media platform helps us to create on Facebook Ad Centre. Although boosting existing posts is also a great way to create an ad and target your audience, Facebook Ad Centre, also helps us create ads specifically to encourage customers to like a business page, spark a message conversation, and click through to a business website.

    Are Facebook Ads better than Google Ads?

    Facebook ads and Google ads both have a fair share of great benefits. These benefits work well for both small and big businesses especially when the ads are done right. Facebook ads and Google ads are also different in the way they target people. Google usually targets based on the keywords that people key in to the search engine at that moment. Facebook targets based on interests so both methods are beneficial.

    Investing in Facebook Ads for your business

    Here is why investing in good Facebook ads may not be a bad idea for your business:
    Advertising where your audience is most seen present - With not just a million, but 2.45 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it's safe to say that this is where your audience mostly hangs out. There is nothing better that favors a business’s advertising efforts more than when a platform like Facebook is able to engage large amounts of people together in one place every day. 

    Find your target audience

    You not only reach your target audience more than by traditional advertising means, but your product, your brand could be repeatedly noticed by your target audience as they scroll through Facebook many times in one day.

    Facebook Ad Agency

    Facebook Ads and results 

    Objective specific targeting is one of the many things that businesses love about advertising on Facebook. The opportunity they get to narrow or broaden their audience depending on their business goal, and being able to change these parameters whenever they like with immediate effect is what helps them see appropriate results. Creating an Ad on Facebook Ad Centre, gives you the option to choose from eight objectives - boost a post on Facebook or Instagram, get more bookings, get more messages, promote your page, promote your Business locally, get more website visitors, get more leads.

    Follow advertising campaign trends

    Businesses have the freedom to run campaigns that specifically follow one or more of these objectives to get the results they're looking for. Running a Facebook advertising campaign allows businesses the opportunity to cross post, and promote ads simultaneously on the Instagram and a messenger pages as well.

    What type of Facebook Ad should I run?

    There is so hard and fast rule on Facebook about what ad you have to run for your business. Every business figures out what works for them by doing a trial and error of each ad format until they find a one that works for their brand. This involves spending money so you’d rather have Facebook experts do the job for you by building the best ad strategy fit for your brand.

    Get great flexibility with Facebook ads

    Flexibility gives businesses the opportunity to focus their advertising efforts on either one, or two or all three platforms under one umbrella, which ever seems the right one to deliver the results are looking for. For example, Instagram is a picture heavy platform therefore fashion, and jewelry brands would find that an affective platform to focus their marketing efforts than say Twitter, or LinkedIn. Quick and measurable results From setting up a business page on Facebook to creating an ad, and publishing it is not only incredibly easy to do but also fast.

    How can I get results with Facebook ads?

    When you’re running Facebook ads yourself, it may be hard to determine how you can get results with Facebook ads. You will have to go through months of testing with various ad formats to see why suits your business best. Or you can take a shortcut and sign up with an agency for Facebook marketing so that the experts can handle your ad account and give your ad campaigns the best results.

    Making the best of Facebook ads and their platform

    Facebook is able to deliver businesses with insights based on how the ads and promotions are performing in real-time. This means you don't have to wait until the end of the specific time period you set for your ad campaign, to see how your ad is performing, and tweak your marketing strategy. All changes required can be done immediately with instant effect. Re-targeting or re-marketing is the process of advertising to those people who have already paid a visit to your website. 

    Target the right kind of audience 

    A lot of businesses want their target audience to engage with their website, but not just stop there. The primary objective here, is that the business generates a lead or a sale following website engagement. Therefore Facebook ads is a great way to gently remind or nudge those people who have previously visited your website and have not converted, with advertisements of your products and services in the hope that they may return to your website and make a purchase.

    Get budget friendly advertising with a Facebook Ad agency

    Last but not the least, businesses find Facebook one of the most budget friendly place to advertise. For a mere $5, you can reach close to thousand people with your ad on Facebook. Whether you are just starting up, a small business, or a well-established business looking to advertise on Facebook, this intuitive social media platform allows you to, depending on the ad campaigns you want to run, adjust your ad budget accordingly. Therefore businesses can spend more money on well-tested campaigns that they know are going to drive results, and spend less at first when trying out new campaign strategies.

    We believe Facebook is important for any business online

    While a platform like Facebook may be less considered by businesses as a place to advertise due to its common notion of being an entertainment-based platform, you just might be pleasantly surprised how beneficial it can be to your business especially when giving you an edge over your competitors. Whether you are a business-facing or a client-facing company, investing in advertising on Facebook can help drive business growth and revenue you need.

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