People Also Ask - Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Management

A. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of attempting to increase a websites ranking on search engines online with the goal being to increase website traffic which would ultimately benefit the business. Our team of experts have years of experience working with SEO and can guarantee high performance SEO that can bring in results.

A. The answer is plain and simple - yes! Every brand requires SEO as it is important for great search-ability and visibility. You can take your business to the next level with good SEO. Search engines can contribute heavily to a brands visibility. When people are looking for a product or service that your business offers, it is important that they find you first.

A. SEO can optimize your website to bring in organic traffic or unpaid traffic to your website directly from the search engine page. It is a digital marketing strategy that many businesses use to increasing their rankings on search engines such as google. We understand how SEO works and use various methods and strategies to boost website rankings on local search engines.

A. Keyword research is a procedure that our team of experts do for search engine optimization. This involves finding and researching terms or words that users would commonly enter on search engines such as Google when they are looking for products or services similar to your business or information that is relevant to your business.

A. On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing each and every individual page on a website to rank them higher across search engines and get more relevant traffic across all search engines. With on-page SEO, both the content of the page as well as the HTML source code of the page can be optimized for greater results on the web.

Google Adwords

A. Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords, is an advertising platform created by Google where businesses can boost their websites and online presence through ads placed on Google and it’s advertising systems. Advertisers will have to bid on keywords for their ads to appear on Google’s search results. Each ad is paid for per click, making it quite cost effective for businesses.

A. The difference between Google AdWords and search engine optimization is that SEO is a more long term commitment which involves a time consuming set up of a website and building up your online presence. Google AdWords can help you quickly create ads that would appear along side search results on Google and drive users to your website using a paid media budget.

A. Google AdWords can be very cost effective to use. But to gain profit and spend less at the same time is a tactic that only experts can master and can give you results when done right. Google AdWords can be a quick way to burn and lose money when you don’t really know what your doing, as it takes expertise to know how to design an advertising campaign effectively.

A. To set up a Google AdWords campaign it would involve understanding your business’s advertising objectives, understanding your products and profitability of them, deciding which campaign types are most appropriate or suitable for your business, keyword research, and designing a good campaign strategy. All this can be done with the help of a Google AdWords expert.

A. Google AdWords is dynamic and is constantly changing with the times. It is powerful but it is also important that you understand it well in order to work with it effectively. We are an experienced social media and digital media marketing agency that understands the ways of working with Google AdWords and can devise the best marketing strategies for your business.

Facebook Ads

A. Facebook Ads are paid messages created and written by businesses or business pages to reach their customers and potential customers that are most relevant to their business online. Businesses would create specific ad campaigns with the main goal being to reach and convert customers and gain revenue.

A. Yes, they most definitely work. But in order for them to work effectively and efficiently, you have to make sure that you have set the right goal for your Facebook ads and that you are measuring the right values for your ads such as demographics, targeting, and so on. With the help of an expert, you can get the most out of your Facebook ads for your business.

A. Facebook ads and Google ads both have a fair share of great benefits. These benefits work well for both small and big businesses especially when the ads are done right. Facebook ads and Google ads are also different in the way they target people. Google usually targets based on the keywords that people key in to the search engine at that moment. Facebook targets based on interests so both methods are beneficial.

A. There is so hard and fast rule on Facebook about what ad you have to run for your business. Every business figures out what works for them by doing a trial and error of each ad format until their find a one that works for their brand. This involves spending money so you’d rather have Facebook experts do the job for you by building the best ad strategy fit for your brand.

A. When you’re running Facebook ads yourself, it may be hard to determine how you can get results with Facebook ads. You will have to go through months of testing with various ad formats to see why suits your business best. Or you can take a shortcut and sign up with an agency for Facebook marketing so that the experts can handle your ad account and give your ad campaigns the best results.

Website Design

A. Yes, we truly believe that any kind of business both big and small needs a website. This is the foundation of your online presence and a great opportunity to reach your market through the internet which has billions of people using various social media platforms on the internet each day, consuming ad content and being converted by competitor brands.

A. Several website building platforms will advertise making a website as cheap, quick, and simple. However, no business is that simple to build and no website is either. A modern day business website is important, it needs to have great design, look professional, and impress your potential audience. This can only be done when you have a team of expert website builders and website designers supporting your website.

A. Yes. Small businesses need the most help getting recognition amongst competitor businesses in their city or locale, and having a website for a small business can help create visibility for the brand as well as establish an online presence. With the right SEO, the website can even have great web rankings on search engines, making it more discoverable to people who are looking for it.

A. The biggest benefit of having a website for any business is that it gives you an online presence and sets up your online foundation. Having a website enables customers to find you from any place and at any time. Having a website also improves your businesses credibility and validates you among your customers as well as among your competitors in the industry.

A. Yes. A website can increase your business. But a great website can increase your business revenue far better! A great website helps build credibility with your consumers especially when it’s their first impression that clicks. It builds trust, and engages with your visitors which inevitably generates leads for your business. Going further, it can lead to sales and conversion which ultimately builds revenue for your business.