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    The emergence of multiple channels and advertising sources have still not stopped businesses, and brands flock to Google Adwords for advertising. Businesses are also taking to multiple channels for advertising to help them get maximum reach and visibility of their brand.

    What is Google AdWords?

    Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords, is an advertising platform created by Google where businesses can boost their websites and online presence through ads placed on Google and its advertising systems. Advertisers will have to bid on keywords for their ads to appear on Google’s search results. Each ad is paid for per click, making it very cost effective for businesses.

    Why Do I Need an Agency to Handle My Google AdWords Campaign?

    Google AdWords is dynamic and is constantly changing with the times. It is powerful but it is also important that you understand it well in order to work with it effectively. We are an experienced social media and digital media marketing agency that understands the ways of working with Google AdWords and can devise the best marketing strategies for your business.

    Digital Marketing is Vital for All Businesses

    Without a large marketing team, the responsibility of managing advertisements on multiple channels usually falls on one marketing person. Even though he or she may be highly experienced in marketing management, and the company may have enough advertising budget, it is usually physically impossible for one person to be handling advertisements over several channels over a longer period of time for three main reasons: 

    1. Lack of Time and Managing Ad Quality

    The Distinct nature and usability of every advertising channel - Creating and executing ads over several channels is not only tedious but takes a significant amount of time. From the creative idea to the conceptualization, to creating effective strategies and a smart budget plan takes a large amount of thought and effort and do this on multiple channels becomes increasingly heavy burden on one person. 

    What's worse is that it ends up affecting the quality of ads being published in turn affecting the company’s return on investment. 

    2. Different Objectives need Different Ideas

    Next, every advertising channel is built differently compared to the others and works to serve a particular objective respectively. Not every channel displays ads the same way and hence, thorough research needs to be carried in order to build effective strategies that would suit the particular channel your business is advertising through. In the context of Google Ads, it is safe to say that advertising is not as easy as just boosting an Instagram or Facebook post

    Google Ads require a lot more research and competitor analysis to be done before crafting an ad or a campaign. Why? Because firstly, it is a paid form of advertising. You being a growing business definitely don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re spending more than you’re receiving. Secondly, it is an extremely targeted form of advertising which delivers instant positive results only if businesses have a thorough understanding of how search engines function and are able to compete with bids and keywords in order to make their website stand out among the rest.

    So it might not be a bad idea to hire the help of an ad agency to manage your Google advertising. Here are some of the ways this might benefit your business.

    3. Experience and Specialization in Handling Google Ads

    Ad agencies usually have a dedicated team that is knowledgeable and specializes in only Google Adwords advertising. They have ample experience in dealing with different clients and brand environments and are usually familiar with pay-per-click budget ranges, advertising strategies that work, consumer behavior, ad behavior etc. They help maximize the client’s time when it comes to making quick decisions of what’s working, what’s not working and reassuring the client of the campaigns performance. 

    Google Ads Can be Flexible!

    Agencies also tend to have an idea about the industry as a whole and can use well-informed predictions about upcoming changes to their advantage while designing and executing Google ads for your business. Flexibility - With Google releasing new products and softwares all the time, a Google representative in an ad agency serves the agency well in acquiring new products and services from Google for beta-testing purposes. 

    Google AdWords

    What is the Difference Between Google AdWords and SEO?

    The difference between Google AdWords and search engine optimization is that SEO is a more long term commitment which involves a time consuming set up of a website and building up your online presence. Google AdWords can help you quickly create ads that would appear along side search results on Google and drive users to your website using a paid media budget.

    Get a Step Ahead of Your Competitors with Google Ads

    Clients who tie up with ad-agencies get the chance get to implement newly-ideated methods that may not have been released to their competitors yet. And before the method achieves its popularity, your agents now have a firm grasp on how it works to suit your brand giving you a bit of an edge over your competition already. Bigger team, better thinking. Mental burnout can happen when an account is being managed by only one person.

    Is Google AdWords expensive?

    Google AdWords can be very cost effective to use. But to gain profit and spend less at the same time is a tactic that only experts can master and can give you results when done right. Google AdWords can be a quick way to burn and lose money when you don’t really know what you're doing, as it takes expertise to know how to design an advertising campaign effectively.

    Google Ads is Done by a Team of Experts

    Sometimes it takes more than one person or a team with different creative abilities to keep the advertising fresh and up-to-date with current market trends. Agencies usually employ a team of people to handle your one account. Often a change in perspectives and new ways thinking are needed to bring something new, something fresh to the table. Having a team of people focus on one account allows the team members to also have enough time and creative freedom to focus on the ad increasing its overall quality.

    Google Ads Management

    Worth the Cost when Agencies Offer a Multi-Disciplinary Strength

    Website marketing pages and advertisements have times where they may struggle or experience stagnation. Sometimes a client or an internal team in the company would not be able to handle this single-handedly. Even hiring a marketing guy, would probably be comfortable in handling one area such as keyword bits and not so comfortable in helping the company generate a higher conversion rate. However ad agencies, have team that are multi disciplined. 

    Dedicated Experts to Build Quality Ads

    They have one person or smaller teams dedicated to little things that collectively can make a great quality ad. For example, one person who specializes in website design, the other person in keyword bids, another in generating leads, and so on and so forth which helps overall create an advertisement that is sharp, targeted and detailed in every way.

    What Does a Google AdWords Campaign Involve?

    To set up a Google AdWords campaign it would involve understanding your business’s advertising objectives, understanding your products and profitability of them, deciding which campaign types are most appropriate or suitable for your business, keyword research, and designing a good campaign strategy. All this can be done with the help of a Google AdWords expert.

    Contact Us for Details on Google Ad Management

    In order for a business to succeed in its marketing efforts to a point where it is generating significant profit, it becomes crucial to not just hire an ad agency but take the extra time and research to hire the right kind of agency - one that thoroughly understands clients needs and also the culture of the brand to tangibly maximize revenue for the business. The right ad agency would not only assure your business the fulfillment of its goals but have a smooth and effortless journey along the way as well. 

    Get the Best Ad Services from our Google Ads Agency in Columbus

    As an accredited, trusted and 5 star recommended company, we are the best Google Ads Agency Columbus that you can find in the area. With having dealt with a huge share of clients, our team is equipped with updated information and techniques of the field. We can go on and on about how google ads are so important for a successful business and it still won't be enough.

    Letting an agency have the reins on your AdWords campaigns can give your company an edge over competitors. Here are five reasons why hiring the right PPC agency can be beneficial for you.

    Google Ads Agency in Columbus

    We are Professionals in the Digital Marketing Space

    With lots of experience on the field, we are currently working with a lot of people at the moment. We are experienced to deal with optimizing of websites powered by different platforms like WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy etc., With different formats of ads available in Google, we are capable of marketing your business in every format available.

    Search Campaign: Search campaign is when you want your business to be advertised at the top of the first page of the Google Search list.

    Display Campaign: Display campaign is when the businesses are advertised with a digital banner in any websites. It could also be a video.

    Video Campaign: Video campaign is what you see before playing youtube videos which you just can't skip.

    Shopping Campaign: This helps in displaying your products for sale directly at the Google search’s first page.

    Apps Campaign: This helps in advertising your businesses in certain apps sponsored by Google.

    A successful Google Ads campaign starts with selecting the right strategy and format that will suit your business. Google Ads Agency Columbus provides you with professional consultation as to what kind of campaign you should choose and the strategy you should follow.

    Get Reporting Services

    We follow complete transparency when it comes to reporting. We measure your performance consistently and keep you on the loop about your progress. If you work with another company to manage your AdWords campaigns, you should be able to find out how much of your advertising budget was spent on AdWords, how many times your ads appeared and how many times users clicked on your ads . We’ll include these requirements in our legal terms and agreements.

    Get Complete Transparency

    Google also mentions that almost all of its certified partners are already offering this transparency to its clients. Transparency isn’t common with non-certified agencies; most agencies won’t provide this if clients don’t know any better.

    Get Access to Reports

    If you’re working with your agency, you should have access to all reports. You should also have access to metrics including impressions, clickthrough rates, keywords, account and ad group structure, and more. If you have questions about where or how your money is being spent, you should receive straightforward answers.

    Short Term Contracts

    Most AdWords agencies don’t make money on the account until they’re a few months into the campaign. This arrangement isn’t always what’s best for clients, especially if the agency fails to perform. Clients should be able to come and go as they please. When agencies focus on performing well for clients, the relationship is more stable.

    Find a Suitable Arrangement

    Some agencies can offer month-to-month arrangements profitably. A compromise could be an initial three-month contract that switches to a month-to-month agreement afterward. Whatever you negotiate with your agency, it needs to be beneficial for both. If you’re unhappy with your agency, you should be free to leave.

    Best Google Ad Services

    Landing Page and CRO Optimization

    Re-marketing and retargeting campaigns allow you to advertise specifically to customers who have already interacted with specific products. These campaigns are especially effective since the people you're advertising to have already shown genuine interest in your brand—they just may need a little extra push. Our AdWords management agency will create a unique re-marketing strategy that is designed to help you maximize your conversion potential. We use captivating ad copy that creates a sense of urgency so that consumers feel the need to buy right away.

    Beta Testing Opportunities

    Agencies that have a dedicated Google rep get in on all kinds of goodies that clients aren’t as likely to be offered if they’re handling their account solo. Agencies are an ongoing source of growing revenue potential for Google, and it’s easy for reps to send one email to an agency contact about a beta test and get five accounts enrolled. Clients get a chance to try brand-new methods their competition may not have access to and have a strong grasp on it with solid results by the time it rolls out to the general population. In highly competitive sectors, this is a really big advantage.

    Get Google Ad Services with Us

    Managing the same account forever as one person or internal team can lead to sleepwalking through account management. You feel like you’ve been there, done that, tried this other thing, and there’s nothing left. Agencies generally have a team focusing on your account, which not only brings a fresh perspective but also different ways of thinking.

    Advantages of Having an AdWords Management Company for Your Business

    Google AdWords (now known as Google Ads) is the largest marketing service among all the digital marketing methods. As of 2020, Google has about 5 billion users on the Internet and 2.3 million searches are performed per second. It is a paid marketing strategy for a reason. It offers a great opportunity to attract Google users into your business. 

    Work with Us for the Best Google Ad Services

    Google Ads also provides lots of features, from various different ad formats to price budgets to make the advertiser experience more personalized. With the increasing demand of Google Ads for businesses, the demand of a high-quality Google Ads agency is on the rise. Our Adwords management company in Ohio, Value SEO provides the best Adwords service in the area.

    Google Adwords and Their Perks

    Google AdWords are paid advertisement services by Google by which Google ranks the ads in terms of Bid money and Quality Score and displays them on the top of the search results in the SERP. They also help in increasing brand awareness by displaying your ads on other websites through the Display Network and Google’s AdSense program. They also come in different formats which includes search results, shopping ads, display ads, video ads and so on. Google AdWords can be an extremely effective way of driving relevant and qualified traffic to your website exactly when people are searching for the types of products or services your business offers.

    How Does Google Adwords Work?

    Google Ads work on the bid money on certain keywords and the quality score. Google ranks ads based on this criteria and gives them an AdRank and displays them in that order. Keyword research is a key procedure before initiating a Google Ads campaign. It has the ability to save time and money for the campaign. Choosing the right keywords to bid on can also put you ahead of your competitors. 

    Adwords Management Company in Ohio

    Benefits of Having an Adwords Management Company in Ohio

    Each business is different and hence they require unique approaches to the system. The Quality Score depends on the expected click-through rate, relevance and landing page experience. Google Ads introduces this method to help users to access high-quality content and reliable information. Google’s PPC strategy consists of three costs, Cost per click, Cost per Impression and a cost for conversion rate. When measured with the cost to benefit ratio, Google Ads don’t cost too much and is an important digital marketing strategy that any online business can’t lose on. Our Adwords Management company in Ohio can walk you through it.

    Working Directly with Google

    As a Google certified and recommended premier partner, we will be able to provide you with tips and first-hand insider insights of Google Ads that we get early access to. We also have the liberty to have a direct line to Google when there is a problem or to make suggestions to benefit your industry’s Adwords campaigns. Since we work with Google, we have dedicated Google reps by which we can get in on all kinds of events, industry news and tests that clients aren’t as likely to be offered if they’re handling their account solo. While working with our AdWords management company in Ohio, it will particularly be easier and faster for you to get your work done as we are partnered with Google. 

    Get Access to Beta Testing

    Our AdWords management company Ohio experts have training opportunities and insight seminars directly from Google and have access to Google’s beta testing. This means that you will get a far better Google Ads campaign as we are trained and obtain knowledge from the boss himself. We apply the knowledge to our clients' businesses and our clients have the chance to be a part of Google’s beta testing which will only take your business to higher places. 

    Get Access to Special Tools for Your Ad Campaigns

    Google has numerous features that they test out before they let the public have access to them and you can have it through us. This also includes having early access to beneficial tools for our clients, ahead of other businesses that do not have the opportunity to do so.

    Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest PPC Strategies

    The digital world is constantly evolving and changing. It is only possible to get the most out of your digital marketing plan when you stay on top of all these changes. When you’re working with us, you are working with a company that is up to date on all the latest changes. We are a Google certified company and we are required to keep up with the new changes and recertification exams to remain a Google certified partner. 

    We Have Trained Professionals Working on Your Ads

    You can only feel confident about our service as we are trained directly from above. Google makes sure that its certified partners are of real help to the people and our Adwords Management Company Ohio is also very particular about that. We help you to increase your business’ potential reach by introducing the latest and innovative methods.

    Being Proactive During an Ad Campaign

    Your ad could be attacked by malware, which could result in halting your campaign, a shift in CPC or keyword volume search. Whatever the issue is, it is important to be proactive and not reactive. The Internet is a fast-moving space and it is required to come up with fast solutions to maintain a successful campaign. Our Adwords management company Ohio can provide you that. We are aware that when you invest money into PPC, you will want to work with a company that brings you the best results. With us, you will get the most out of your money and produce the best campaign.

    Focus on What Matters to You

    For any business of any field, the main aim is to generate more sales. While our Google AdWords management company, Value SEO is working towards it online for you, you will be free enough to focus on fulfilling your overall business objectives. Our Ohio-based Google Adwords experts will help you produce the best campaigns for your business objectives. With our impeccable quality to provide promising results, you will be partnering with an agency that knows the ins and outs of Google Ads.

    Google Ad Services with Value SEO

    15 Reasons Why You Should Hire an AdWords Management Company in Ohio

    Google AdWords is a PPC (pay-per-click) network that lets you bid on keywords against your competitors for better Google search engine rankings. The top half of the search engine results are dominated by PPCs which is followed by the organic SEO results. Since the top half of the search engine results is what people prefer to go with, working on your PPC management can help you generate increased traffic. Hiring an AdWords management company can make things easier for you. 

    1. Creating PPC Ads Require a Lot of Time

    Every aspect of digital marketing is time-consuming. If you aren’t ready to dedicate enough time to your digital marketing requirements, you aren’t going to get desired results. A professional AdWords management company will take over your PPC requirements completely, letting you focus solely on your business.

    2. We Have Expertise in AdWords Management

    Even if you have worked on your PPC requirements for a long time, you still wouldn’t have the expertise that a professional digital marketing agency does. They would have worked on the AdWords management of numerous agencies and brought successful results. Hiring them gives you a better chance at getting the best out of PPCs.

    3. Keyword Research Can be Difficult for a New Business Owner

    Keyword research is an important part of Google AdWords management. You need to get your keywords absolutely right to get better search engine rankings. PPC experts have the experience when it comes to keyword research and can help you refine quality keywords consistently.

    4. Agencies Can Design Better Landing Pages

    When it comes to creating PPCs, it is better to create a landing page than using your website’s homepage. PPC management agencies are likely to have web-designers who can help you design exquisite landing pages for your PPC campaigns.

    5. We Have Better PPC Tools

    AdWords management companies are more likely to be equipped with better PPC management tools. From keyword research to find out the ideal bidding amount, they will make use of those tools to get you better results with each of your campaigns.

    6. AdWords Agencies Offer a Fixed Price Range

    PPCs are considered a cost-effective digital marketing technique if done correctly. If you do not get your strategies right, you will end up spending more money than you are supposed to. But, when you hire an AdWords management agency, you will be presented with a fixed price range at the beginning. So, you will always know how much your PPCs are gonna cost unlike the unpredictable price range when you work on your PPC campaigns.

    7. Our AdWords Management Agency is Reliable

    Apart from helping you out with Google AdWords, our PPC management agencies are comprehensive and we can handle every aspect of your digital marketing from SEO to social media marketing, making things simpler for you.

    8. Our AdWords Management Agency Helps You from Start to Finish

    Apart from helping you out with Google AdWords, these PPC management agencies are comprehensive and can handle every aspect of your digital marketing from SEO to social media marketing, making things simpler for you.

    9. We Create the Best Campaigns on AdWords

    Even with ad blockers in almost every system and the innumerable people who skip these ads in search engine results, Google Ads can still be efficient if used correctly. From creating specific landing pages for your Google Ads campaigns to setting your bidding amount and daily budget, an AdWords management company will work on every aspect of your PPC management, helping you get the best out of this digital marketing platform.

    10. Google AdWords is a Technologically Advanced Field

    Google AdWords is one of the most popular digital marketing platforms with immense competition. So, changes and updates are bound to happen on a frequent basis. If you are running a business and aren’t well-versed in digital marketing, you might find it hard to cope up with Google AdWords. However, a Google AdWords management company can get things done more efficiently.

    11. Google Ads Management isn't a DIY Project

    If you are handling your own Google AdWords management, you might end up making mistakes as you will have a lot of other work to handle if you are running a business. But a professional AdWords management agency is likely to be better equipped to handle your Google AdWord requirements without making many mistakes, making them an ideal option to go with.

    12. Highly Experienced with a Variety of Clients

    A Google AdWords management agency is more likely to have worked on the AdWords requirements of many other businesses from various industries. So, with the experience they have working on Google AdWords campaigns for many businesses, they can create the same success with your organization too.

    13. Active AdWords Management Services

    Like any other digital marketing platform, working on it consistently is key in Google AdWords too. An AdWords management will definitely have the time and equipment to work on your Google AdWords requirements on a regular basis. Something that you will find hard to do, especially if you are running a business.

    14. We also Offer Report Generation Services

    Google AdWords is brilliant when it comes to analytics. The Google AdWords network offers statistical analysis of your AdWord campaign performances at a very deep level. AdWords management agencies will make use of these analytics to come up with improved strategies to produce better results. With the help of all this data, they will be able to deliver more refined and successful campaigns.

    15. We Perform Competitive Analysis to Help You Stay on Top

    Google AdWords is indeed a battlefield. You need to constantly outperform your competitors to stay at the top of the search engine results and generate more leads. That is why AdWord management agencies conduct a regular competitive analysis to see how your rivals work on their PPC campaigns and try to come up with better strategies to keep your website constantly ahead of the competition in the search engine results.

    Get Quality PPC Management Services from Value SEO

    If you are looking for an AdWords management company in Ohio, Value SEO is your one-stop. We have talented and experienced PPC experts who will work with you to get you much-improved search engine results. Contact our AdWords management company in Ohio to know more about our services.

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